In October of 2006 the Asterisk@Home project was renamed to "trixbox" in order to get away from the being the small basement project that Andrew Gillis started back in 2004. Today it is known as trixbox CE (Community Edition) to differentiate itself from the trixbox Pro product that is available from Fonality, the company that sponsors the trixbox CE project. With over 100,00 installed systems, trixbox CE is the most popular full-featured, open source PBX distribution available.

From our humble beginnings to the huge community of users at, our growth has been both surprising and overwhelming.

Several times a year we have both Administrator and Technician training programs around the country, for more information, please visit our site at:

We also have different professional support options should you need help with your trixbox installation.

I would like to welcome you to the trixbox community.


Andrew Gillis
trixbox Founder

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